Hair thin needles are inserted
in various parts of the body
to facilitate the restoration of
our innate healing ability which
is weakened or damaged due to aging, trauma, improper life style...

About 8 to 14 sterile and disposable needles are used in a typical treatment.  Needles are retained in place from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the individual condition.

Treatment effect is accumulative.  For acute conditions such as sprained ankle and low back, one or two treatments can usually take care of the problems.  For many chronic conditions such as migraine headaches, arthritics, insomnia..., it takes more sessions to ensure lasting effect.  Treatment is usually done weekly with the exception of severe conditions. 


Mild electro currency is connected to acupuncture needles to provide different level and quality of stimulations to the affected sites.  This is a very effective tool for many pain condition.   

Auridular Acupuncture

Selected acupuncture points
in the ear are used to treat
addiction such as smoking,
alcoholism, drug abuse,
weigh control,


A very relaxing heat therapy utilizing the heat produced by the herb mugwort.  This soothing yet intense heat breaks up stasis in the problematic sites to restore
healthy circulation.  It is especially
beneficial for certain types of
arthritic pain, menstrual cramps,
muscle pain.